Travel as Licensed Tourist Guide

Catherine Gak

This course is designed to equip you with all the skills and knowledge necessary to boost your career opportunities in the tourism industry and at the same time, to fulfill all the criteria and requirements of the tourism industry.

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Part Time
6 months
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31 May 2024
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14 Jun 2024
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28 Jun 2024
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Who Should Attend This Course
  • College/University Students: Pursuing studies in relevant Tourism Industry.
  • Working Adults: Tiring with 9 to 5 job or prepare for retirement.
  • Retiree: Get paid to travel while having fun!
Learning Outcomes


  • Identify and describe the history and culture of the area being toured.
  • Understand the local laws and regulations related to tourism.
  • Explain the environmental and ecological impact of tourism on the area.


  • Develop effective communication skills to engage and entertain tourists.
  • Plan and organize tours, including creating itineraries and managing logistics.
  • Provide excellent customer service and handle difficult situations effectively.


  • Develop a positive attitude towards the importance of preserving cultural and natural heritage.
  • Foster a sense of professionalism and responsibility in the tourism industry.
  • SPM with 6 subject passes including Bahasa Malaysia (SPM year 2013 and before); or
  • SPM with 6 subject passes including Bahasa Malaysia and Sejarah (SPM year 2014 and after); or
  • Diploma/Degree (recognised by MOE); or
  • Minimum 5 years working experience in the tourism industry

Wish to possess a government-issued tour guide license?

This course aims to equip you with all the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance career opportunities in the tourism industry while meeting all standards and requirements of the tourism sector.

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Professional Certification

Certificate in Tourist Guide Level 3 (HT-023-3:2012). Participants will get certificates recognised by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia (MoTAC) and the Department of Skills Development (JPK). The classes are conducted in English, Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin.

Examination: MoTAC Exam in April/August/December

  • [SAMPLE] Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia dalam Pemandu Pelancong oleh Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK), Kementerian Sumber Manusia (KSM): Malaysian Skills Certificate in Tourist Guide (City Guide).jpg

  • [SAMPLE] Sijil dan Lesen Pemandu Pelancong & Pemandu Pelancong Kelompok oleh Kementerian Pelancongan, Kesenian Dan Kebudayaan: Tourist Guide License Cert.jpg Tourist Guide License.jpg

  • 1.0 : Tour Job Assignment Acceptance
  • 2.0 : Tour Arrangement Reconfirmation
  • 3.0 : Tourist Arrival Execution
  • 4.0 : Tour Commentary Delivery
  • 4.1 : Geography and Nature
  • 4.2 : History
  • 4.3 : Cultures
  • 4.4 : Government System
  • 4.5 : Industries
  • 4.6 : Agro Based Industries
  • 4.7 : Cottage Industries
  • 4.8 : Transportation And Communication System
  • 4.9 : Tourism Product
  • 4.10 : Events, Festival And Entertainment
  • 4.11 : Cuisine, Dining And Gourmet
  • 4.12 : Destinations of Malaysia
  • 5.0 : Tour Itinerary Execution
  • 6.0 : Tourist Health, Safety, Security And Emergency Handling
  • 7.0 : Tourist Departure Execution
  • 8.0 : Customised Tourist Services Execution
  • 9.0 : Tour Payment Arrangement
  • 10.0 : Optional Tours Execution
  • 11.0 : Post Tour Reporting
  1. Am I eligible to apply for Financial Assistance?

    Through KWSP Account 2 withdrawal: The withdrawal scheme allows EPF members to withdraw from their Account 2 of the EPF Fund to pay for their own or their children's Tour Guide License Course fees.

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  2. To whom can I refer to gain more insight into the courses?

    You may drop us a WhatsApp message at 010-5008787. Kindly take note that our working hours are 9 am - 6 pm from Monday to Friday and our friendly team will reply to you as soon as we can. However, do expect a slight delay in replying to enquiries over the weekend. Or you can follow our social media accounts @airasiaacademy (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)

  3. Is there any admission officer that will assist us?

    Yes, our admission officer Ms Celine Ong will assist you for any concerns regarding the course and financial assistance. She will guide you for documents submission for enrolment or EPF applications and give you an instant voucher code to checkout at airasia academy page.

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Meet your instructor
Catherine Gak
HRDC Claimable, corporates only

Part Time
6 months