REST API Development & Backend Programming with JS, Node, Express & MongoDB

Prafful & Naghmeh

Get ready to master REST API development and backend programming using JS, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. This module offers hands-on training to help you build robust and scalable web applications.

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2 Day
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23 Apr 2024
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14 May 2024
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12 Jun 2024
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Who is suited to attend this module?

This module is ideal for aspiring web developers and programmers interested in learning backend development with JavaScript. Whether you're a beginner or have some coding experience, join us to enhance your skills.

Why you should attend this module?

Struggling to build powerful backend systems for your web applications? This module provides practical solutions to help you understand and implement REST APIs and backend programming using popular JavaScript technologies.

After attending, you'll gain a solid understanding of REST API development, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. Plus, you'll have the skills to create efficient and scalable backend systems for your web projects.

Ready to level up your backend development skills? Enroll now and become proficient in REST API development with JavaScript!

  • What is node.js ?
  • How does it work ?
  • What is the motivation behind learning it ?
  • What are modules in node.js ?
  • How to import and use them ?
  • How to organize node.js project in multiple files ?
  • How to deal with User inputs ?
  • How to work with File systems ?
  • How to debug node.js apps ?
  • What is asynchronous program and how it works ?
  • How to do asynchronous programming in node.js ?
  • How to make HTTP calls from node.js ?
  • How to handle custom errors ?
  • What are callback functions and how to chain them ?
  • What are promises ?
  • What is asyn/await ?
  • What are web servers ?
  • How to use Express to create a web server ?
  • How to create an API ?
  • What is database ?
  • What are the types of databases ?
  • How to work with MongoDB from node.js ?
  • How to perform CRUD operations ?
  • What is REST ?
  • What is Mongoose and how to create models ?
  • How to validate model entities ?
  • What is Postman and how to use it ?
  • The things to consider when designing an API ?
  • How to create CRUD APIs ?
  • What is routing and how to use separate routes ?
  • What are the best practices for creating REST APIs ?
  • How to securely sensitive data ?
  • What is JWT and how to use it ?
  • What are auth tokens and when to use them ?
  • How to serve requests using Express middleware ?
  • How to check for authentication before performing operations ?
  • How to put a route behind authentication layer ?
  • How to hide sensitive information in API response ?
  • What is sorting, filtering and pagination and why its needed ?
  • How to implement the above in backend APIs ?
  • How to upload files in node.js ?
  • How to put validations on file upload ?
  • How to manipulate image files ?
  • How to serve files as static assets ?
  • How to integrate 3rd party module to send emails ?
  • How to send emails when a condition in the app is met ?
  • How to work with 3rd party API keys ?
  • What is testing ?
  • What are the types of testing ?
  • How to use Jest to write tests in node.js apps ?
  • How to think of corner cases when writing tests ?
  • How to test asynchronous code ?
  • How to create dummy data that is used in tests ?
  • How to test endpoints that are behind authentication layer ?
  • How to mock npm modules ?
  • What are some new features in ES6 ?
  • How to use them to refactor our code ?
    Meet your instructor
    Prafful & Naghmeh

    Prafful Daga

    Prafful is a highly experienced project management professional, developer & mentor offering an experience of 15+ years in various sectors of e-Governance, IT, IT-ES, Media, Mobile, Embedded, Web Development, Game Development & Digital Marketing with 2 years of International Experience in Tokyo, Japan.

    He possesses excellent communication, technology and training skills summed up with proficiency in C & Embedded C, C++, OpenGL, WebGL, Unity3D, OpenCV, Java, J2ME, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Microservices, Android Studio, Angular, Google Analytics, Jquery, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 & IoT.

    Besides that, he also has hands-on experience of working with open source CMS like Joomla, Moodle, Drupal, Wordpress. Other than that, he has practical exposure of working in Windows, Macintosh, Android, Linux/Unix & virtual environments.

    Naghmeh Mohammadi

    Naghmeh is a well versed Software Engineer, who is passionate to teach, share and grow together. She helps bridge the gap between theoretical learning to practical learning needed for professionals.

    In her past, she has equipped many software engineers with the knowledge of corporate and robust coding, helping them find better careers. She has worked with ‘Y-combinator’ startups, helping train and mentor students in hands-on coding bootcamps. She has contributed to employer goodwill programs, training employees in corporates and government sectors in learning technology efficiently.

    HRDC Claimable, corporates only

    2 Day