Enhance Your Office Productivity with Microsoft 365 for SME or Enterprise

Khor Siew Fei

Make the most of Microsoft 365 via our labs, giving you a hands-on experience, ensuring you get a better understanding of the technical know-how.

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4 Hours Daily, 3 Days: 2pm - 6pm
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What to Expect

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) brings together a suite of apps, device management and security services to help organisations everywhere increase productivity, streamline operations, and keep their data secure. Whether you are looking to expand your Microsoft skills for a new job, promotion, or just for personal development, this course will fit for all.

Microsoft has taken our favourite apps like Teams, Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and put them on the cloud. You can access your documents from anywhere, anytime you need them and, with built-in intelligence software, you can optimise your projects in less time.

We will give you the technical know-how, our labs give you the practical and hands-on experience you need to make the most of Microsoft 365.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Collaborate And Work Together
  • Run Effective Teams Meeting
  • Master Your Data With Excel
  • Organise Teamwork With Integrated Apps
  • Impress Your Audience With Dynamic PowerPoint
  • Cloud Backup With OneDrive
  • Stream Your Enterprise Video
  • Upgrade Your Skills in Word
  • Organise Your Digital Notebook In OneNote
  • Communication Made Easy In Teams
  • Live Event – Broadcast To Large Online Audience
  • Manage Outlook Email & Calendar Effectively
Who Should Attend This Course

SME or Enterprise client with Microsoft / Office 365 environment


Participants should have a Microsoft/Office 365 Account

General Program
  • Overview all Microsoft Suites Apps
  • New way of working collaboratively with Microsoft 365
  • Excel from basic to advanced
  • Working with Microsoft Team
  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Using OneDrive Effectively
  • Managing and stream your enterprise video
  • Live event for your townhall
  • Working with OneNote
  • Outlook and Calendar

Enhance Your Office Productivity with Office 365 Certificate of Completion

  1. Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

    Complete Reskill Programs: Absolutely! The certificate will be issued by airasia academy and powered by Google Cloud.

    Byte Sized Courses: Yes, we will award you with a certificate for all byte-sized courses with EIGHT (8) learning hours and above. The certificate will be issued by airasia academy and powered by Google Cloud. If you completed less than 8 hours, no certificate will be given.

    BINA Digital: Yes, we will award you with a certificate upon full attendance of the programme. The certificate will be issued by airasia academy and powered by Google Cloud.

  2. Can I get a job after attending the course?

    The certificate from airasia academy is recognised by the industry which is sufficient to land you a job. But, if you manage to stand out and earn excellent results, our trainers may recommend you to companies within the airasia group and Google Cloud ecosystem, or to their extensive network of businesses. That means you will have a good shot kickstarting a new career!

  3. Who can I refer to get more insight of the courses?

    You may drop us a WhatsApp message at 010-5008787. Kindly take note that our working hours are 9 am - 6 pm from Monday to Friday and our friendly team will reply to you as soon as we can. However, do expect a slight delay in reply in enquiries over the weekend. Or you can follow our social media accounts @airasiaacademy (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)

  4. What payment methods do you accept?

    We currently accept debit card and credit card. We're also happy to announce that we now have interest-free* instalment plans!

    *Interest-Free Instalment plans are currently available for ILT courses only, and applies to Maybank and Public Bank credit card holders, with a minimum purchase of RM500 and above.

  5. Do you offer any free learning resources?

    Yes, we do! Kindly refer to the Resources page. We have conducted free introductory sessions via our YouTube channel where you can watch it anytime and anywhere.

  6. What is the difference between RCOC-B and RCOC-EVLOS Module 1?

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    • Agriculture
    • Flying the drone above 400ft
    • Flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)
    • Pre-Defined Risk Assessment (PDRA)
    • Standard Scenario (STS)
    • Visual Line of Sight (VLOS)

    The Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency Extended Visual Line of Sight Module 1 (RCoC (EVLOS) Module 1) is an additional module which enables Extended Visual Line of Sight operations. The prerequisite for attending Module 1 is RCoC-B which will imply that all Remote Pilots are required to be competent on RCoC-B before attending the Module 1 course.

Meet your instructor
Khor Siew Fei

Siew Fei is the Google Workspace (formerly known as GSuite) trainer with Redbeat Academy. With 10 years of experience in Airasia with ICT background as well as Google Project Manager, he has transformed Airasia's office productivity environment into the Google environment.

His expertise lies in change management, focused around operations and training for the Airasia Group's digital transformation. Today, he is the Microsoft and Google productivity tool expert and he is always ready to share his knowledge through his hands-on sessions.

HRDC Claimable

Part Time
4 Hours Daily, 3 Days: 2pm - 6pm