Data Analytics Complete Reskill Certificate Program

Saranya Ravikumar

Get started in the high-growth field of data analytics with a professional certificate from airasia academy. Develop hands-on experience with Python, R Programming, and SQL. Perform statistical analysis on real data sets. Learn everything from scratch. A complete course to begin your career as a dat...

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Instructor Led & Online
13 days of classes: 10am - 6pm
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Data Analytics Complete Reskill Programme

Shift to a brand new career in Data Analytics, with the help of airasia academy’s Complete Reskill Programme.

Our Data Analytics Complete Reskill Programme is 13 days course that will introduce you to the fascinating journey of data analytics in the most effective, time-efficient, and structured data science training to prepare you for an entry-level career as a data analyst.

This is a masterclass taught by industry experts, nothing like others. You will go on a real-life experience on how to do data analysis and how to utilise the data to help businesses optimise their performance and revenue.

What will you learn?

Here is a fragment of some of the incredible skills you will learn in this course:

  • Overview of what Data Analysts do
  • Introduction to the modern data ecosystem
  • Data Analysis Using Python and R
  • Load, inspect, and query real-world data, and answer basic questions about data
  • Perform a variety of data analysis tasks like data wrangling and data mining
  • Create stunning visualisations
  • Apply your skills to real-life business cases

This highly practical programme teaches you all the right skills you need for an entry-level job as a Data Analyst, with absolutely no experience required. You will learn using up-to-date tools, skills, and knowledge such as Python, R, SQL, data mining, machine and deep learning, big data and statistics.

This programme features a combination of lectures, demos, quizzes, case studies, and hands-on activities to give you practical experience to further understand key concepts of data analysis and visualisation, as well as provide you with tools and hands-on experience to effectively explain the findings of your data discoveries.

In this programme, you will get insights on big data and data analytics, including data management, machine learning, data mining and statistics, as well as visualising and communicating data for application in data-driven decision making. You will also have the chance to apply your newly acquired skills in real-world situations through practical projects.

Upon graduating from this programme, you will have access to career resources and be connected directly with employers hiring for entry-level jobs in data science and data analytics.

Who Should Attend This Course?

Of course, it’s YOU!

No prior experience or knowledge of specific tools is required in order to succeed in the airasia academy’s Data Analytics Complete Reskill Programme. We will start from the very basics. What’s more important is that you should be someone who loves to solve problems, perceptive, analytical, and detail-oriented.

This programme is also suitable for:

  • Mathematics and statistics graduates looking to major in data science
  • Fresh graduates looking to reskill
  • Unemployed graduates wanting immediate practical skills to kick start a new career
  • Data analysts and business analysts
  • Excel users looking to learn a more powerful software for data analysis
  • Marketing & sales executives, managers, and researchers
  • Anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve by learning about data science
The Fundamentals of Data Analytics

Unravel what it takes to build a successful career as an analyst or data scientist. Learn the basic and advanced concepts of data analytics.

This full certificate programme includes:

• Hands-on activities • Quizzes and assignments • Ongoing assessments

Join the course now, completely risk-free!

General Program

Here are the topics you will be learning in Data Analytics Complete Reskill Programme:

  • Data Science Basics
  • Primer for R
  • SQL Fundamentals
  • Python Primer
  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Challenges in Industry
  • Introduction to Statistics, Probability and Statistical Modelling
  • Machine Learning in Industry
  • Light Introduction to insights, visualisation libraries, and tools
  • Visualisation and connecting the dots to provide data storytelling and insights
  • Linux Folder Structure and Frequent Commands

This is not compulsory but it will be an added advantage:

  • Enjoy working with numbers; probability, statistics, calculus, and linear algebra.
  • Basic knowledge of coding and programming; SQL, Python, R etc.

You will earn a Data Analytics Complete Reskill Program Certificate of Completion Powered by Google Cloud. For more information, kindly refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Fast Track way to In-Demand Jobs In Science & Technology, Finance, Business Intelligence, Energy, and more.
  1. Earn yourself the airasia academy’s Data Analytics Complete Reskill Programme.

  2. Brush up your interview skills and learn to build a professional resume with access to our career resources.

  3. Through airasia academy’s vast network of employers, you may have the golden opportunity to connect with top companies.

  1. Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

    Complete Reskill Programs: Absolutely! The certificate will be issued by airasia academy and powered by Google Cloud.

    Byte Sized Courses: Yes, we will award you with a certificate for all byte-sized courses with EIGHT (8) learning hours and above. The certificate will be issued by airasia academy and powered by Google Cloud. If you completed less than 8 hours, no certificate will be given.

    BINA Digital: Yes, we will award you with a certificate upon full attendance of the programme. The certificate will be issued by airasia academy and powered by Google Cloud.

  2. Can I get a job after attending the course?

    The certificate from airasia academy is recognised by the industry which is sufficient to land you a job. But, if you manage to stand out and earn excellent results, our trainers may recommend you to companies within the airasia group and Google Cloud ecosystem, or to their extensive network of businesses. That means you will have a good shot kickstarting a new career!

  3. Who can I refer to get more insight of the courses?

    You may drop us a WhatsApp message at 010-5008787. Kindly take note that our working hours are 9 am - 6 pm from Monday to Friday and our friendly team will reply to you as soon as we can. However, do expect a slight delay in reply in enquiries over the weekend. Or you can follow our social media accounts @airasiaacademy (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)

  4. What payment methods do you accept?

    We currently accept debit card and credit card. We're also happy to announce that we now have interest-free* instalment plans!

    *Interest-Free Instalment plans are currently available for ILT courses only, and applies to Maybank and Public Bank credit card holders, with a minimum purchase of RM500 and above.

  5. Do you offer any free learning resources?

    Yes, we do! Kindly refer to the Resources page. We have conducted free introductory sessions via our YouTube channel where you can watch it anytime and anywhere.

Meet your instructor
Saranya Ravikumar

A Certified Engineer in Computer Vision with over 4+ years of experience in AI techniques, Data Analysis, Machine Learning using R language and Python programming as AI Instructor and Freelance Technical Expert in Data Science. She believes in explaining the concepts from the students perspective to make them understand concepts clearly, involves in end-to-end AI-related training, content development, project management, and research.

HRDC Claimable

Instructor Led & Online
13 days of classes: 10am - 6pm