Basic Go Programming - Get Started with Golang

Prafful Daga

Master the fundamentals of Go, Google's innovative programming language and learn an overview of Golang’s special features. Utilise Go to develop efficient applications. Be job-ready with Golang. Let’s Go!

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Who Should Attend This Course?

The Go (Golang) programming language is gaining rapidly in popularity and adoption throughout the software development industry. Mastering it now will give you a head start and help you stand out as the language is still rather new, yet demand for Go programmers is increasing!

At airasia academy, we believe that everybody can learn and practice the basics of Golang including anyone who wants to know the basics of other programming languages and wishes to learn Golang with more than 20 real-time LIVE code examples.

Whether you are keen to learn Go to supplement other programming languages that you have mastered or if you simply want to have a career break and explore programming as a new skill, Golang will be a good starting point.

Golang is worth learning in 2022 and beyond. Learning Golang or Go Programming language can boost your career and also help you to get a job at Google and other tech companies, which is the dream of many software developers.

Why Do You Need To Join This Course?

Golang is a relatively young but popular programming language. Golang was conceptualised at Google, it got its name right from Google. Golang-written programmes are typically faster than ones written in other programming languages.

Golang is a programming language that aids in the creation of complicated and engaging software. As an open-source programming language, Golang's source code is freely available. Anyone can use its compiler, libraries, and tools for free. Which makes Go a popular programming language.

This course will give you a quick overview of Go syntax alongside some of its primary features and functionalities. Learners will have gained the knowledge and skills needed to create concise, efficient, and clean applications using Go. You will learn about the fundamentals of Golang and learn to write code using Golang. It is about "Getting Started with Golang".

Go's syntax is small compared to other languages, and it's easy to learn. You can fit most of it in your head, which means you do not need to spend a lot of time looking things up. It's also very clean and easy to read, meaning you'll be able to understand what you and others are writing.

Though Python also has a simple syntax, Golang is simpler to learn and work with. Golang is based on the C language so you can trust its clarity.

Golang outperforms Python in almost all benchmarks. Golang outperforms Java, which is commonly regarded as being substantially faster than Python. If you need a programme that will load software swiftly, Go is the way to go.

  • English proficiency.

Plus points:

  • Basics of programming with any other programming languages: Javascript, Python, Ruby, Java, or similar.
  • Have practised some coding and can write basic code, if conditions, loops, functions in any other programming language.
What To Do After You Completed This Course?

There is a long list of what can you can do after completing Golang. It is all depending on what you wish to become and your end goal.

The journey for any software developer includes 3 steps:

Step 1: As a beginner, you write code to do simple tasks. This you do independently.

Step 2: You graduate to writing more complex projects. This you can do independently or in a team. But, generally, it is done independently.

Step 3: You work with a team to complete a project which might be required by any company. You will generally complete this in a team.

This course will equip you with Step 1, which is a prerequisite to moving to Step 2 and Step 3 as your journey of becoming a better software developer progresses.

Recommended courses that you can pursue after completing Golang are React and Python. These two courses will be a great choice for you before you proceed with more advanced courses.

General Program
  • Brief history of Golang
  • Hello World
  • Interacting with the terminal
  • Basic data types
  • Variables and constants
  • Functions
  • Flow Control and Decision Making
  • Loops and Iterations
  • Collections
  • Maps, Arrays and Structs

You will earn a Basic Go Programming - Get Started with Golang Certificate of Completion upon completing this course. For more information, kindly refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below.

  1. Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

    Complete Reskill Programs: Absolutely! The certificate will be issued by airasia academy and powered by Google Cloud.

    Byte Sized Courses: Yes, we will award you with a certificate for all byte-sized courses with EIGHT (8) learning hours and above. The certificate will be issued by airasia academy and powered by Google Cloud. If you completed less than 8 hours, no certificate will be given.

    BINA Digital: Yes, we will award you with a certificate upon full attendance of the programme. The certificate will be issued by airasia academy and powered by Google Cloud.

  2. Can I get a job after attending the course?

    The certificate from airasia academy is recognised by the industry which is sufficient to land you a job. But, if you manage to stand out and earn excellent results, our trainers may recommend you to companies within the airasia group and Google Cloud ecosystem, or to their extensive network of businesses. That means you will have a good shot kickstarting a new career!

  3. Who can I refer to get more insight of the courses?

    You may drop us a WhatsApp message at 010-5008787. Kindly take note that our working hours are 9 am - 6 pm from Monday to Friday and our friendly team will reply to you as soon as we can. However, do expect a slight delay in reply in enquiries over the weekend. Or you can follow our social media accounts @airasiaacademy (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)

  4. What payment methods do you accept?

    We currently accept debit card and credit card. We're also happy to announce that we now have interest-free* instalment plans!

    *Interest-Free Instalment plans are currently available for ILT courses only, and applies to Maybank and Public Bank credit card holders, with a minimum purchase of RM500 and above.

Meet your instructor
Prafful Daga

Prafful is a highly experienced project management professional, developer & mentor offering an experience of 15+ years in various sectors of e-Governance, IT, IT-ES, Media, Mobile, Embedded, Web Development, Game Development & Digital Marketing with 2 years of International Experience in Tokyo, Japan.

He possesses excellent communication, technology and training skills summed up with proficiency in C & Embedded C, C++, OpenGL, WebGL, Unity3D, OpenCV, Java, J2ME, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Microservices, Android Studio, Angular, Google Analytics, Jquery, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 & IoT.

Besides that, he also has hands-on experience of working with open source CMS like Joomla, Moodle, Drupal, Wordpress. Other than that, he has practical exposure of working in Windows, Macintosh, Android, Linux/Unix & virtual environments.

HRDC Claimable

Part Time
4 Hours Daily, 3 Days: 2pm - 6pm