2-Day Bubble Bootcamp + 4 Sessions of 1 Hour Coaching Session / per week

Francis Chin

The 2-Day Bubble Bootcamp will focus on working with participants to apply what they learnt in the Bubble Beginner online course, so that they can start planning, structuring, designing and building their first App using the best practice approach.

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Part Time
2 Days (9am – 6pm)
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This is a 100% practical workshop that Participants will have full access working in Teams to build an app from zero to launch. The course is designed and structured in such a way that it simulates a “Start-Up” environment whereby working together with other Team Members, to create an ecommerce MVP for a startup company.

Throughout the bootcamp, participants will have to brainstorm, design and build a fully working Ecommerce MVP without writing a line of code.

Recommended Path:

Participants need to complete the Bubble Beginner online course to solidify their understanding of key essential concept of how Bubble works, understand data modeling, workflows and visual elements. Upon completion of the online course, participants be ready to apply what they learn during this 2-Day Bubble Bootcamp, whereby they have the opportunity to work with the Instructors on how to turn idea into a fully working data-driven application.

What to Expect:

By the end of the 2-Day program, participants will be able to build an ecommerce app that is both desktop and mobile responsive as part of the Project assignment. In order to achieve this, Participant will learn

  • How to define user requirement and scope an MVP version of a business idea
  • How to build a data model that will scale
  • How to create User Story to build UX Journey
  • How to design your UI and desire workflow for both Desktop and Mobile Responsive
  • Embrace the app development best practice in the Bubble Development eco-system
  • How to extend functionality using Plugins / API integration
  • How to do unit testing and debugging
  • -How to pitch and get your Beta user feedback for improvement
Who Should Attend This Course:
  • Fresh grads
  • Software Developers
  • Startup Founders
  • Working Professionals looking for a Career Change

Learn all the Bubble Online Course for Beginners (ODL) before you join this bootcamps.

~Carla Fox – Technical Recruiter. Australia

The Bubble beginner course has been hugely beneficial for me for both work and personal related purposes. In fact, before I met you I had never heard of Bubble so everything during the 4 week course has been a huge learning for me.

I initially started the course out of a general interest because I was intrigued to see what Bubble could do and as the course continued, I realised it’s actually something I can apply for my husbands company and his website.

I still have a lot of practice and a lot more learning to do but this course has been such a great introduction.

Thank you again for taking the time out to run these sessions, they have been great!!”

~Kim Wah – Senior Full Stack Developer, Malaysia

At the very first of all, I would like to thank Francis in conducting the Bubble.IO beginner BootCamp. The BootCamp is well organized and it takes about 8 sessions to complete, we have no regret in joining this course. I believe Francis has been spending a lot of time and effort in preparing the course material so that we can learn a lot during each session.

As a full-stack developer for many years, Bubble.io open my eyes in this new web application development process, and what we used to spend weeks or months of work can be shortened up to 70-80% of development time. With such a technology, I think every web engineer should really give it a look and pick up the skill as soon as possible and be the first batch of pioneers in this field.

Francis is very experienced in tech coaching, and he is always able to elaborate complicated problems in an easy-understanding way, and this is making everyone have a deeper understanding of each topic. After going through this beginner Bootcamp, we are ready with all the necessary knowledge to start our own journey in Bubble.io development.

Note: Tech guy don't write long!!

Once again, thank you very much for spending your time in this bootcamp, and hahaha when we meet up, Starbucks on me.

~Lik Chin – Senior Software Developer, Malaysia

After 20 years in programming industry, this is the first time I heard building website/apps without writing any code. As a programmer, you know the painful of writing code, we need to code line by line and if hit any bug/error, investigate and verify line by line. I need to THANK YOU Francis Chin bring this into Malaysia, and it will be new chapter in programming industry. If you want to know more OR you got idea to build apps, you can look for Francis Chin. He good in use example and easy understand explanation to let you know the concept. Best thing is we can always replay the video to understand further. Thanks

~Chrisrael Serillano, Agency Owner, Philippines

I've been using bubble.io since January and attending the Bubble Beginner Bootcamp of Sir Francis help me to refresh and learn a lot of techniques that I need to know in the Bubble. Big thanks to Sir Francis. More power.

~Eric Chong, Running Coach & Businessman, Malaysia

Dear Francis, First of all, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to you for inviting me to attend your Bubbles boot camp (Non-code programming). It was truly a very educational journey for me (as a non-programmer), you have really put in tremendous efforts to make the introduction and contents simple enough for non-programmer like me to understand the basis of working with Bubbles. Of course this is just the beginning of my journey to pick up new skills, and your guidance and coaching will be much appreciated. Once again thanks for your efforts.

Course Syllabus

Quick Refreshment on Key Bubble building blocks

  • Visual Elements/ Conditional / Containers / Repeating Groups
  • Custom State / Styles
  • Database / Options Set / Privacy Rules
  • Workflows
  • Plugins

Phase 1: Design and Planning

  • Define User Requirement
  • Scoping the App
  • Create a User Story UX
  • Sketching out the UI for each page / screen

Phase 2: Data Modeling

  • Defining the Data Types
  • Create sample data
  • Define Option Sets
  • Define Privacy Rules (if any)

Phase 3: Development – Part 1 – Front End

  • Build the Index page (product listing)
  • Build the reusable header / Menu Navigation and footer
  • Build the filter functionality

Phase 3: Development – Part 2 – Front End

  • Build the Sign up/ Login / Reset Password
  • Build the Product Detail page
  • Build the Add to Cart Function

Phase 3: Development – Part 3 – Front End

  • Build the Shopping Cart with ability modify items
  • Build the Complete Order Function

Phase 3: Development – Part 4 – Manage Profile and Orders

  • Build the “Manage My Profile” page
  • Build the “Order Management” page

Phase 4: Internal Testing & Debugging / Finalizing

  • Test based on Various User Story (UX)(What user can do, what to expect VS what is happening)
  • Debugging / Refining UI / Workflows
  • Finalizing and wrapping up

Phase 5: Peer to Peer Demo – Show Time

  • Each Team selects 1 of their completed App for presentation
  • Allow other team members to test & rate the App
  • Provide Feedback and suggestion for improvement

Phase 6: Improvement & Launch

  • Apply changes / updates / enhancement
  • Submit final version to Instructor
  • Tell and Share your App to your friends!
General Program (Modules Covered – Lesson Plan):

Day 1


Day 2 d4c16493-69df-40cc-8106-564e0caba2eb.jpg


Yes (Issued by World Impact – Certificate of Achievement)

  1. Will I get a certificate at the end of the bootcamps?

    Absolutely! The certificate will be issued by a World Impact – Certificate of Achievement

Meet your instructor
Francis Chin

World Impact was founded 12 years ago by Francis Chin for the purpose of offering Talent Development and Business optimization solution through consulting, training and coaching. Francis has 30 years of leadership experience working in the travel & hospitality, e-commerce and training industry. Over the years, he has seen how disruptive digitalization movement has altered business landscape affecting companies and consumer behaviour.

He started off in the days of IBM AS400, then Internet and now No-Code, Francis is a firm believer that business who is able to harness the power of any new disruptive digitalization movement will remain relevant and competitive. World Impact exists because he is passionate in empowering & transforming business and people’s life via education and training. Today, he is a HRDF Certified Professional Trainer and also a No-Code developer himself, sharing and helping his clients to unleash the power of No-Code to improve business outcomes.

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Part Time
2 Days (9am – 6pm)