Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in 2022 & For The Future

By Sarah M.

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of digital transformation within companies across the world. Companies are investing money in innovative technology solutions such as AI/machine learning, cybersecurity, software engineering, and cloud computing, all to help optimise productivity and get ahead of the competition.

Therefore, the demand for IT and Tech professionals has and will continue to grow.

We have put together some of the top IT and Tech Jobs in 2022 and for the future to come.

1. Software Engineer

Software Engineers are responsible for creating and maintaining software applications. Therefore, they are key to the innovation of processes for companies. Software Engineers will meet with Software Developers and Business Analysts to discuss the best software solution for the business.

The Software Engineer needs to be able to suggest the best programming language and framework used. They also need to have a good understanding of data structures, data algorithms and software architecture.

2. Cloud Architect

After the majority of companies have adopted hybrid working, cloud computing has accelerated and so has the demand for Cloud Architects. They are responsible for developing a company’s cloud adoption and application plan.

To become a Cloud Engineer you need to understand at least one operating system, whether it is Linux, Windows, or Solaris. You also need to be familiar with networking and programming languages.

There are multiple certifications to choose from, so you’ll need to decide what kind of platform you prefer. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most popular cloud services in the industry. This certification validates your ability to design and deploy systems on the AWS platform.

3. Big Data Engineer

Every day, Internet users create around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Over 97% of companies are investing in Big Data and AI to capture and acquire insights from such enormous amounts of information.

A Big Data architect plans, designs, and oversees the complete lifecycle of large-scale Big Data application development and implementation. A Big Data architect must have the following abilities:

  • Understanding Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL, as well as data warehousing technologies
  • Programming skills
  • Data visualisation skills
  • Excellent communication skills

4. Data Scientist

According to the 2022 DevSkiller Tech talent trends and predictions Ebook, Data science was the ”fastest-growing IT skill on the DevSkiller testing platform, with a huge 295% growth in popularity year over year.”

This tells us that there has been a huge increase in demand for data science and the skills connected to the role. What is interesting, however, is that, on average, most data scientists have less experience than specialists in the rest of the top ten most well-paid IT roles.

Data scientists acquire and analyse enormous volumes of organised and unstructured data. Data scientists mix computer science, statistics, and mathematics in their work. They evaluate the outcomes of data analysis, processing, and modelling to generate actionable strategies for businesses and other organisations.

Data scientists are analytic professionals that utilise their knowledge of technology and social science to identify patterns and handle data. They identify answers to corporate difficulties by combining industry expertise, contextual insight, and scepticism of established assumptions.

A data scientist's job involves deciphering unstructured data from sources like smart devices, social media feeds, and emails that do not fit accurately into a database.

5. Software Developer

The rise of innovative technology has meant a higher demand for Software Developers. This role is expected to grow by 21% by 2028, compared to the average jobs that would grow by 5%.

This role includes helping to identify, design, install and test software systems. Once the system is live it is up to them to help maintain and update the programme making sure everything runs smoothly. Someone in this role needs to have an eye for detail as well as strong critical thinking skills.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) architect creates, manages, and monitors AI efforts inside a company. A comprehensive understanding of mathematics and statistics is required of an AI architect. Furthermore, an AI architect will:

  • Have solid programming skills and know Python, R and Torch
  • Understand how TensorFlow and other similar technologies work
  • Have a clear understanding of technologies related to AI, including Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Deep Learning

The world is moving at a lightning speed, the same goes for a career in Tech. Many have chosen to move into tech jobs as they are more opportunities for rapid career growth, lucrative salary, work-life balance, freedom to work remotely as well as staying relevant in the workforce for years to come.

Perhaps now is the best time for you to consider having/switching your career into tech, because why not?

Are you ready for a dynamic and fast-growing career in Tech?